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Firbimatic DryCleaning Machines Can Be Built With A Variety Of Features And Options!
Features and Options
Firbimatic Special Features
Firbimatic Jet Spray and Door Light
Firbimatic's new LED Door Light allows you to view the clothes being cleaned.

Jet Spray is one of the latest innovations by Firbimatic. This allows the user to adjust the amount of mechanical action cleaning on the garments in the wheel.  Full pressure for the garments with the most dirt or stain removal required or low pressure for moderate cleaning and can be turned off for the most delicate fragiles.  Standard on EcoGreen models.
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Solvent Heater
Solvent Heating is now standard for EcoGreen models to greatly increase the  Kb value and overall degreasing capabilities of hydrocarbon or GreenEarth solvents.  It also enhances the cleaning on wetside stains and virtually eliminates post spotting.
Firbimatic Interface Unit
I Connect
IConnect by Firbimatic is the latest innovation to enhance productivity of your dry cleaning machine.  IConnect allows uploading and downloading of programs, fault code troubleshooting, and realtime monitoring of programs and temperatures.  Firbimatic technicians have instant access at the touch of a button to speed up diagnosis of your machine.  IConnect can be added to all Firbimatic Drycleaning machines with a Smart Combi Computer.
Environmentally Friendly Features
Double Water Separator and Self Cleaning Lint Filter

Double Water Separator reclaims additional solvent to increase mileage and reduce the amount of wastewater generated by the machine.

Self Cleaning Lint Filter removes lint every load to ensure maximum airflow during dry to reduce drying times and lower your utility cost.
Environmentally Friendly Features
Soap Injection and Electronic Dry Control
Automatic Soap Injection System eliminates the need to add costly pumps and gets you up and running immediately on start up.  You can automatically program the correct dose of soap into the machine for the proper level of cleaning desired.

Electronic Dry Control automatically dries the garments to maximize solvent mileage at the same time minimizing drying times to reduce utility costs and optimize production.
Environmentally Friendly Features
Self Cleaning Button Trap

Self Cleaning Button Trap is designed to ensure proper draining of the basket every cycle.  Especially useful in operations with large amounts of debris and dirt released from the garments during the washing phase.
Environmentally Friendly Features
Steam Traps Back Plate Washdown

Steam Traps are installed to reduce installation costs and to maximize the performance of the drycleaning machine.  Firbmatic traps are designed to provide optimum drying and distillation efficiency.

Back Plate Washdown continually cleans the area behind the drum to eliminate lint buildup.  Lint buildup behind the drum can lead to longer drying times and additional wear and tear on the bearings.

Commercial and Industrial Dry-Cleaning Machines

Firbimatic manufactures a full line of dry-cleaning machines for the USA that are capable of using Alternative Solvents, Hydrocarbon, SolvonK4, Rynex, Greenearth,  Perc, and water.  All Firbimatic dry cleaning machines are ETL approved and meet or exceed all Federal, State and local requirements.  Firbimatic dry cleaning machines are crafted in a state of the art facility with premium components to ensure the highest quality available. Firbimatic dry cleaning machines are found in many industries to include: couture drycleaners, one price drycleaners, formalwear and tuxedo rental, industrial glove cleaning, commercial tanneries, commerical drapery cleaning, fire and smoke restoration, fur and leather cleaning, pelt processing, and the hotel and hospitality industry.
Firbimatic Manufacturing
Firbimatic Laser Cutting machine
Firbimatic Manufacturing
Firbimatic Robotic Panel Break Machine

* Firbimatic drycleaning machines use state of the art laser cutting machines to ensure the lowest tolerance and the best fit of all metal components on the drycleaning machine.  This ensures the longest life of maintenance free operation.

* Firbimatic drycleaning machines features Vortex Vapor Induction Drying -  which produces the shortest drying time and increased production

* ETL Approval - Gives you the piece of mind that this is the safest machine you can own.

* Nitrogen Safety System - Provides a layer of safety that meets or exceeds current Federal and local rules and regulations.

* Anti Foam Sensor - Elimnates boilovers in a vacuum still

* Electronic Dry Control - Automatically dries to the proper level to maximize solvent recovery and reduce drying times.

*Fractional Distillation - Allows for easy distillation and removal of moisture from the drycleaning machine without worry of water getting into the base tanks eliminating any chance of bacteria growth.

* Solvent Heater - Heats hydrocarbon solvent and GreenEarth to achieve the highest level of cleaning through greater degreasing and soil removal.

* Secure Lock Door System - Locks all doors prior to machine start and shows fault with unauthorized opening.

* Back Plate Washdown - Removes lint from back to drum to reduce solvent vapor at the end of the cycle.

* Smart Combi Computer - Allows for complete manual control in addition to a fully programmable list of automatic cycles used in conjunction with the Combi Computer which allows for complete temperature readouts of all temps around the machine and a full array of fault codes and readouts.

* Self Cleaning Separators - Automatic cycle cleans separators to reduce maintenance time.

* Double Lint Filter - Prevents build-up of lint on coils to reduce maintenance and ensure quick cycle times.

* Safety Containment Tank - Ensures that any leaks on the machine are contained and not spilled onto the floor.




Firbimatic Drycleaning Machines have an uncompromising policy when it comes to protecting the world environment. By continued research and development using the latest in technology and engineering design Firbimatic offers the most ecologically safe dry cleaning machines available today. With careful consideration for environment issues Firbimatic has designed each and every dry cleaning machine to function within strict guidelines while remaining very easy for the customer to operate and maintain. At the same time Firbimatic environmentally friendly dry cleaning machines protect the environment and are a friend of both.