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Haiges Machinery Midwest Dryclean EXPO '12
Haiges Machinery Inc. hosted the show sponsored by Firbimatic and Kreussler Chemical. Firbimatic ran live demonstrations featuring our EcoGreen K Series machine. Hundreds showed up to view the new equipment on display and learn more about the Firbimatic Drycleaning machines. Special thanks goes to Haiges Machinery for a well coordinated show that went off smoothly. Also featured over the weekend was a solvent discussion panel featuring Keith VanDusen of Kreussler Chemical, Robert Blacker of R.R. Street Company, Dr. Jim Shriner of Adco and Tom Ustanik of Lansing Cleaners. Thanks again gentlemen for a very informative talk on solvents and cleaning.
Firbimatic Open House
Firbimatic Open House
Firbimatic Hydrocarbon Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic Open House

Parklane Cleaners

Commercial Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic K4 Drycleaning Machine
Parklane Cleaners of Manteca, CA recently installed a new Firbimatic EcoGreen 40 K Series machine using K4 solvent. Alan Yordy of FrimairUSA West installed the machine.  Pictured above Darrin Haiges of Firbimatic, Helen and Rolan Noghli owners of Parklane Cleaners.

Ruby's Sparkle Cleaners


M&L Supply installed two new EcoGreen 80 K Series machines using Solvon K4 at Ruby's Sparkle Cleaners in Allison Park, PA. The superior cleaning of the K series machines and Solvon K4 virtually eliminated the need for prespotting and found very little post spotting was required. Joe Henderson of Ruby's Sparkle Cleaners remarked how "K4 cleans like perc with a much softer feel to the garments", "they don't feel dry like the perc and there is no odor at all when the garments are pulled out". This is achieved by the special design and programming of the Firbimatic K Series machines.

Firbimatic K4 Commercial Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic K4 Commercial Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic K4 Commercial Drycleaning Machine

Atlantic City 2012

Firbimatic Hydrocarbon Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic Hydrocarbon Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic Show
Firbimatic GreenEarth Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic GreenEarth Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic Show
Firbimatic GreenEarth Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic Hydrocarbon Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic GreenEarth Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic Commercial Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic K4 Commercial Drycleaning Machine
Meridian Cleaners of Carmel, IN recently installed a new Firbimatic EcoGreen 50 Petite K series machine using Solvon K4 Solvent. Haiges Machinery Inc. installed the machine through their branch office located in Indianapolis, IN. Special thanks to Ted Cooley of Haiges Machinery who was instrumental in coordinating this project. Pictured with the new machine are Alan Grissin owner of Meridian Cleaners and Ted Cooley of Haiges Machinery Inc.
Firbimatic Hydrocarbon Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic Hydrocarbon Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic Hydrocarbon Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic Hydrocarbon Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic Hydrocarbon Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic Hydrocarbon Drycleaning Machine
Haiges Machinery Inc. recently installed a new Firbimatic EcoGreen 60 K drycleaning machine at Jefferson Park Valet Cleaners in Chicago, IL. Jefferson Park Valet chose to operate with Exxon DF-2000 from R.R. Street. Firbimatic's EG 60 K has tremendous solvent mileage and this unit was installed with a solvent heater and jet spray system to provide superior garment cleaning. After numerous loads cleaned the customer noted that "the cleaning with the solvent heater is better than my perc machine, it removes grease as well and no post spotting on the wet side like the perc".
Julington Cleaners Installs New Firbimatic K4 Machine!
Firbimatic Commercial Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic K4 Drycleaning Machine

Julington Cleaners installed a new Firbimatic F35 K4 machine recently. The Firbimatic machine was installed by Bernie Echt of Bernie's Boiler and Cleaners Equipment Service Inc. of Jacksonville, FL. Shown in the picture is Darrin Haiges of Firbimatic and Gun Chung the owner of Julington Cleaners. Mr Chung was looking for an environmentally safe alternative to perc and decided on Firbimatic and Kreussler K4 solvent. Mr. Chung was inpressed with K4 cleaning saying it was better than his perc machine because there was less post spotting. His pressers also noticed that the finishing times with K4 were reduced as there were less wrinkles in the garments which promote faster finishing.

Firbimatic success at Fabricare Show!
Firbimatic Fabricare 2012
Firbimatic featured the EcoGreen K Series machine specially designed for the Solvon K4 solvent at the Fabricare 2012 show in Long Beach, CA.  We also had the Hy-Saver 40 SM GreenEarth or Hydrocarbon machine which is capable of operating with no Steam or Water.  Many satisfied customers stopped by and commented on the tremendous technology built into the EcoGreen K Series machine which operates virtually odor free. A special thanks to our local dealer, Mike Wee of MW Equipment for his assistance working the booth throughout the weekend. 
Firbimatic's new larger facility!
Firbimatic Drycleaning Machines
Firbimatic USA

Firbimatic is pleased to announce that we have completed our move to our new larger facility.  The move went seamlessly and we are now settled in.  We have increased our dry-cleaning parts and machine inventories to ensure prompt shipments of both. 

Firbimatic is committed to the best sales and service experience in the industry!

Firbimatic Dry Cleaning Machines
Margarets Cleaners
Firbimatic would like to congratulate
Firbimatic Green Earth Customer
Firbimatic GreenEarth Drycleaning Machines
Firbimatic Machines at Margarets Cleaners

on winning the 2011 Best Plant Design Award.

Firbimatic is proud to support the highest quality cleaners in the drycleaning industry.

—Best Plant Design 2012 —
Grand Prize: Margaret's Cleaners

January 10, 2012 — SAN DIEGO

Margaret’s Cleaners’ 22,000-square-foot plant, formerly an upholstery fabric outlet, was designed from the ground up for servicing couture garments and accessories. Work on the two-story structure began in summer 2009 and continues today.

“That’s who we are,” says Chuck Horst, president of the family-owned company and the plant’s designer. “We’re always making changes. We have two departments in a temporary home as we’re still getting the remainder of those departments set up. The plant is 95% complete.”

Margaret’s services more than 150 fine retailers. It offers delivery throughout Southern California plus Las Vegas, and nationwide through CleanByMail.

The difficulty of getting into and out of La Jolla, site of its flagship location, and a desire for less cramped quarters were factors in taking on the $7 million project, Horst says.

“We needed a more centralized, easily accessible location, and I needed enough space that I could have an aisle,” he quips. “We’ve designed the plant in cells, so there is a laundry cell, a dry cleaning cell. The cells themselves are fairly compressed so it’s easy to move things around, but to move around the plant is much easier.”

Expansion probably isn’t going to be an issue, at least not for the foreseeable future. “This plant is capable of doing four times the volume we’re currently doing now,” Horst says. “I think this is the one I’m retiring with.”

RIGHT FOR THE JOB. Margaret’s is a multi-solvent plant with Firbimatic machines utilizing GreenEarth and DF-2000, with Sanitone chemicals, and performs an extensive amount of wet cleaning and hand cleaning daily. Six full-time spotters and cleaners work in the dry cleaning department. Additional cleaning staff members are dedicated to the laundering of shirts, bed linen and table linen.

Specialty departments each include a dedicated staff to clean and process draperies, handbags, leathers and suedes, and shoe and luggage items. Having a full-time master cobbler as well as a master color mixer for refinishing has proven to be invaluable, according to the company.

Horst favors selecting the appropriate equipment for the job at hand, so the plant utilizes machinery from a variety of manufacturers, including Unipress, Ajax, Sankosha, Hoffman-New Yorker, Forenta, Wascomat, Chicago Dryer Co., Maytag, and others.

“We tend to rebuild (equipment) ourselves or buy them rebuilt,” he says. “The really only new things that went into the plant were two new cleaning machines and the Parker boiler.”

SEE AND EXPERIENCE. Featured in the design is the ability for consumers to see and experience a significant portion of the products and services that Margaret’s offers. The 1,600-square-foot call office provides an ever-changing display of wedding gowns, evening gowns, handbags and more.

plant award calloutTwo large windows into the finishing clean room provide a glimpse of the more elegant aspect of the business—wedding and evening gown finishing, and packaging and boxing for preservation. Brides are encouraged to make an appointment to visit and view the boxing process.

Video monitoring and recording permits the viewing of its remote call offices as well as strategic points throughout the 22,000-square-foot facility. Horst says having recorded customer interactions at the front counter for the past 10 years has proven useful in addressing disputes.

THEY DO. Two professional photo studios are available to keep up with photography demands. One studio is used to document wedding gowns and other garments, before and
after cleaning and restoration. The other is used exclusively
for Margaret’s luxury wardrobe storage and archive
service called Garde Robe.

PlantDesignPhotos2A light table lit from below is used to photograph accessories and footwear. After being processed, the images are uploaded into a client’s password-protected website. Customers utilize their “cyber closet” to request delivery of any of their stored items anywhere in the world.

For delicate and vintage items that can’t withstand the agitation of dry cleaning, a bridal spa, which includes two heated Jacuzzis for soaking and cleaning and a shower for rinsing, is readily available.

Margaret’s has found that drying with air movement produces a softer finish, so a special drying room nearby permits warm-temperature air-drying, assisted by the breeze from oscillating fans.

Wedding and evening gowns are finished in an air-conditioned clean room. A left-handed drop table press and air finishing boards are utilized to produce a designer showroom finish. Once completed, each gown is checked for latent stains in Margaret’s unique multi-spectrum inspection room.

Two spectrums of fluorescent light in addition to black lights are used to assure all stains have been removed. Stains that are not evident in ambient lighting conditions can be identified during inspection and removed or re-cleaned.

A recently installed Chicago® flatwork ironer has permitted the company to expand its table/bed linen service. Complemented by a 100-inch Ajax drapery press, Margaret’s can process anything from restaurant-style tablecloths to vintage heirloom lace linens.

An outdoor utility room houses a 50-hp Parker boiler, 35-hp Ingersoll Rand compressor and air dryer, and a car-wash-style central vacuum system. Space is provided for backup equipment for all utilities. The alarmed, lighted room has metal walls that are removable in 15 minutes, providing forklift access.

Water treatment is provided for the entire plant, and uses a European method that doesn’t require salt or maintenance for five years. The first-year inspection of the boiler tubes proved encouraging, giving Margaret’s confidence that the treatment is effective.

With 14 vans on the road, it was a big plus when Margaret’s mechanic asked if he could rent space to perform the maintenance on its fleet on site. A floor lift and tire-changing and -balancing equipment, in addition to a disk and brake lathe, make it possible for most vehicle maintenance and repair tasks to be performed on location.

Keeping the fleet in top condition for drivers is a constant concern. Trucks run daily between San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles County, and twice a week to Las Vegas.

The office suite features a formal boardroom that includes video and audio equipment. The enhanced technology permits Margaret’s to conduct virtual meetings and bring all of its locations and offices together. A multipurpose classroom capable of accommodating up to 50 employees for events, meeting and training sessions is frequently utilized.

Horst says he and his family—parents John and Barbara, uncle Fritz, brother Scott, sister Jan and wife Robin, all of whom work full-time at Margaret’s—were pleased to share news of this year’s award with their employees.

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Margaret's Cleaners, Americas Finest Cleaner, and Southern California's Only Certified Couture Cleaner, services all your dry cleaning needs in Southern California, with delivery thoughout San Diego and Orange Counties. We have locations in La Jolla, Del Mar and Newport Beach. Specialists in gown cleaning and pressing, bridal alterations, wedding gown preservation, purse and handbag cleaning, drapery and curtain cleaning, and cleaning your finest household items. In addition, with over 50 years of experience, you can trust Margaret's to clean your finest couture and designer garments.

Firbimatic K4 Commercial Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic K4 Commercial Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic K4 Commercial Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic K4 Commercial Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic K4 Commercial Drycleaning Machine
Firbimatic K4 and Hydrocarbon

Owl's Cleaner of Pittsburgh installed their new EcoGreen K Series dry-cleaning machine with tremendous results.  Firbimatic's new EcoGreen K Series, featuring many new innovations for use with Solvon K4, was put through the paces to produce great cleaning with no odor of the finely finished garments.  Cleaning was accomplished with shortend washing times due to the high Kb value of SolvonK4.  K4 cleaned garments felt soft with no static and no odor remaining in the clothes.  Special thanks is due M&L Supply for an excellent installation and start-up.

News and Events

Firbimatic Celebrates 40th Anniversary

 Firbimatic spa, a recognized leader for manufacturing dry-cleaning equipment, is celebrating a milestone . 2011 marks the 40th anniversary of the international company that began in 1971 in a small factory by four young entrepreneurs having an deep knowledge and experience in dry-cleaning machinery design and construction, and reaching during the first year of activity reached an average production volume of 10 machines per month. Today, Firbimatic has attained international acceptance and success, exporting dry-cleaning solutions and drycleaning machines to over 130 countries around the world via to a reliable and efficient distribution network, and after 40 years continues to lead the industry with innovative products and quality standards that are second to none. Since inception SALES have been increasing as a combination of a strategy of continue product innovation, an aggressive commercial attitude, and a company principle to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability, having more than 90% of the components manufactured internally undergoing severe quality control tests. Today Firbimatic facilities are located in Sala Bolognese (Bologna) on a total surface of 40.000 m2 and employs over 130 people.

In addition of the big family of distributors FIRBIMATIC is present in some strategic areas of the world with branches offices :

- Firbimatic USA (Chicago - USA)

- Firbimatic South America (Buenos Aires - Argentina)

- Firbimatic Russia (Moscow)

- Firbimatic U.K.

- Firbimatic China (Shanghai)  

"Solid financial foundations, strong engineering expertise, entrepreneurial initiative, all of this - says President and CEO Gino Biagi - has helped transform our small artisan business in 1971 into a leading company, built around the people who, in the last 40 years, worked with passion, commitment and motivation for the dream of developing a successful industrial project.�

New Product Announcement!


Firbimatic introduces EcoGreen K Series


Firbimatic is excited about the new EcoGreen K Series dry-cleaning machine.  K Series dry-cleaning machines are specifically designed to work with the new Solvon K4 Solvent, the latest development in environmentally safe solvents which clean the same or better than perc.  EcoGreen K Series feature many new machine innovations from new environmentally safe refrigerants, advanced refrigeration system, drum isolation system, and smart air movement all of which combined produce the most technologically advance machine to maximize cleaning and operation with the Solvon K4.  For more information call us at 800-220-0630 .


Kreussler launches solvent system
29 October 2010

A non-toxic, biodegradable organic solvent system that gives the same cleaning properties as perchloroethylene made its international debut at Expo Detergo in Milan. At the heart of SystemK4 from Kreussler is SolvonK4, which is described by the company as a non-toxic, biodegradable organic solvent that is non-hazardous according to current European regulations.

GreenEarth names FMB Group as licensor for Italy
29 October 2010

GreenEarth Cleaning has appointed Bologna-based equipment manufacturer FMB Group as master licensor for Italy. The agreement, announced at Expo Detergo, gives FMB exclusive rights to license and distribute the silicone-based drycleaning process throughout Italy.

Aerospace manufacturer selects Firbimatic system

Standard Industrial Cleaning Systems

Firbimatic cleaning system

Standard Industrial Cleaning Systems has announced that an aerospace manufacturer has selected the Firbimatic cleaning system.

Cleanliness is important in most precision manufacturing environments but critical in the aerospace industry.

Using solvent spray and vapour for the cleaning process and vacuum drying to remove all traces of liquid solvent, the final 'policeman' guaranteeing compliance with the Solvent Emissions (England and Wales) Regulations 2004 is achieved by recirculating the working chamber air via a regenerable carbon adsorption system.

Without vacuum drying there would be the problem of transferring larger amounts of solvent to the carbon system, which results in the removal of the expensive stabilisers.

Standard Industrial Cleaning Systems added that Firbimatic technology also guarantees compliance with the European Union Standard Euronorm 12921/4, which requires that the chamber vapour concentration is reduced to <1gm/m3 before the chamber door interlock can be released for access by the operator.